AdoreSoftphone 3.0

A basic SIP Softphone that allows to connect to VoIP PBX and providers

This small softphone allows you to configure a single SIP line to connect to a VoIP provider or your own VoIP PBX, that could be for instance Asterisk, Trixbox, Elastix, etc. It is really easy to setup and configure, and has a nice looking interface that includes the ability to broadcast video, a basic phonebook, a recent call log, and a variety of skins. On the other hand, it might seem too simple for users who prefer advanced features like multiple SIP accounts, or more than one line in the same telephone. Its call features are quite limited too, without any transfer, hold or conference buttons. It supports G729 and G723.1 codecs and works well on WINDOWS XP, WIN NT4,WIN 2000, WIN 2003 but, as told by its own developers it does not have a good performance on Linux, Unix and Macintosh. The program includes a wizard in order to configure audio and video settings, and is sold with an unlimited license and graphic customization for enterprises. Definitely not my first choice when talking about SIP phones.

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Easy to use, Nice interface


  • Too simple, few features
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